The Loneliness of the long distance GM..

The Loneliness of the long distance GM..

Day before the new turnaround….

So the rules I have down it’s a simple system and not new to me. I have seven players 2 ladies 5 men. Big group but that keeps me busy and that’s my thing. We have a first timer and six veterans. So character sheets pre-printed check, handouts check, a couple of rules cribs for the players. All good set to go.

So you’ve done this a thousand times whats the problem.

I’m running a pre-written adventure. For the first time in ages I mean decades. So why? Well I run a good game, I think well they come back, so who knows…. The reason is simple. Gaming is changing getting better really so I need to look at other people’s ideas to improve my own.

Ok so what’s the problem…..

Linearity if I’m following an adventure they are on a guided track so I hate that as a GM and a player. But I reckon the reality is I will stray in and out of the adventure as it goes. Plus it’s a really cool adventure.

So I’ll tell you how it goes.

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