Your Friend Youtube,A World Wide Web Of Painting Tips

Your Friend Youtube,A World Wide Web Of Painting Tips

So back in the day you got your painting tips from the other guys at the club. Maybe you had a hobby store or Games Workshop with a painting table where you could pick up a few tips and tricks. You probably read the articles in Modelling and wargaming magazines and you got better with a lot of time and trial and error.

But now there are a host of individuals and companies helping us out promoting there merchandise or skills. I would like to point you in the direction of three of these YouTuber’s. As a note we have no affiliation to these guys I just think if you give them a look they will help with ideas for your armies.

Luke’s APS – This is the channel for you if you want to get your army painted to a wargames standard quickly and cheaply. His easy going way of explaining the ideas is accessible to anyone and the way he explains washes and speed painting techniques is excellent. The second reason to check Luke out is the terrain building. This is second to non. It’s all in the materials and short cut methods.

I use his basing ideas. Sharpie pens for metallic effects. I built terrain using his ideas and it’s awesome.

Pete The Wargamer. – This is a good place to step up your miniature painting if you want to get to a good standard of painting. The nice thing about Pete’s channel as there are alot of historical miniatures and there are specific how to paint, WW2 British, German, US and Soviet Infantrymen.

I often check Pete’s channel when I’m looking at a starting point for an army.

PLASMO – This is god tier military modelling. I just don’t have the time, patience and eyesight to do this. That said some of the ideas are simple and brilliant the use of blister packaging to make broken vehicle windows. This is where I discovered PVA for gluing canopies (no frosting). The weathering techniques are brilliant and the use of oils etc. We should aspire to this level of detail not many of us will reach it. One day I’ll do a T-34 with bed spring armour… day.

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