RPG Spring Turnaround

Voting for the Spring season of roleplaying games (to run April-June inclusive) will be held before the games sessions Thursday March 12th - so around 8:20 or so. Current offers…


Sunday September 8th – Open RPG day

Members and guests are welcome to a full day of role playing on Sunday September 8th. The excellent facilities at the Priory Street Centre will provide us with a light,…

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What a Fiasco

I've been looking forward to playing Fiasco for some while (well, Jason Morningstar released it in 2012 so there's a fair bit of scope for that.) A recent bundle of…


Why Nights Black Agents?

Because ... you want to see that film. You want to be James Bond , Jason Bourne, John Wick or Natasha Romanov. You want to step out of a super…


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