The York Wargames Society meets at Guppy’s Enterprise Club, a repurposed Victorian pub on Nunnery Lane, York.  Public transport links are great as it’s only a few minutes walk from York mainline rail station, and there’s a large public car park directly opposite.  The handy map at the bottom of this page may be of help.

Regular Club games sessions

We meet on a weekly schedule, with each evening dedicated to specific game types.  All members are welcome to attend these sessions.  If you like tabletop gaming we are confident you’ll find something on offer to interest you.

Prospective members are welcome to come along any time.

Coronavirus Precautions

There is still plenty of room for games at the club but full coronavirus precautions are in place for everyone’s protection.  Any guidance issued by or on behalf of the UK Government, Public Health England or the NHS will be enforced, including the wearing of face coverings, social distancing and limited mixing of households at a table.  Do not attend a club event if you are not fully willing to observe these restrictions.

Every Monday (7pm to 11.00pm, not on Bank Holidays)

Wargames and boardgames in one downstair room and one large upstairs room.  There is space for around twelve 6-by-4 foot tables, and there’s a huge range of club-owned terrain, mats and scenery freely available to enhance your games.

Every Tuesday (8.20pm to 11pm)

A second wargaming evening with emphasis on Warhammer 40k.  Club-owned terrain, mats and scenery freely available.

Every Thursday (8pm to 11.00pm)

Roleplaying Games in four rooms, around 5-7 players in each.


Annual fees

The cost of membership of York Wargames Society is currently £5 each year.

Annual membership of Guppy’s Enterprise Club (GEC) is £4 each year.

Session fees

Entry to Guppy’s is £4 on a Monday and £3 on a Thursday for GEC members, more for non-members.

If you’re interested but aren’t sure you want to commit to membership, the YWGS will happily pay your first two session-entry fees to GEC.

YWGS Member benefits

Club members benefit from discounts at local gaming-related stores, general social gatherings, and irregular “gaming days”.

York Wargames Society organisation

The York Wargames Society is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers for the benefit of its members. 

A formal Committee is elected annually at the AGM.

We make charitable donations regularly.

Where do we meet?