Autumn RPG Games Imminent

The role-playing games for October-December are being resolved now. Members have a wide choice of games to choose from - Hellboy, Runequest, Star Wars, TORG, Call of Cthulhu and two…

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All YWGS Meetings Suspended

All YWGS gatherings and events are cancelled until further notice The advice from UK Government, the NHS and Public Health England as updated the afternoon of 16th March 2020 is…

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RPG Spring Turnaround

Voting for the Spring season of roleplaying games (to run April-June inclusive) will be held before the games sessions Thursday March 12th - so around 8:20 or so. Current offers…


AGM 2020

The club's Annual General Meeting was held 2nd March 2020. In addition to a general overview of the club's standing and status financially, discussions on core elements of our community…


Sunday September 8th – Open RPG day

Members and guests are welcome to a full day of role playing on Sunday September 8th. The excellent facilities at the Priory Street Centre will provide us with a light,…

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